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SourceForge References Category:Software companies of the United States Category:Companies based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida Category:Companies established in 1998By: Paula Potracek July 16, 2013 – The FBI recently turned over the records of journalists who were spying on anti-war protesters to reporter John Edwards in 2003. John Edwards was not only spying on anti-war protesters, he was covering up the spy’s activities and committed perjury. In 2004, Edwards was impeached. Edwards’ source, Stewart Rhodes, who uncovered the FBI’s journalist spy program, says the FBI is still using the same reporter to spy on activists today. In August, 2007, I first posted about the FBI spying on anti-war protesters. I got a lot of press attention. A television crew from the ABC affiliate in California came to do a story about my activities. At that time, I knew only one journalist who was working with the FBI on the anti-war movement: Stewart Rhodes. In September, 2007, I wrote about Stewart Rhodes’ spying on anti-war protesters. He was a reporter working with the FBI. In October, 2007, a regular FBI informant who infiltrated anti-war groups identified himself. He was interviewed by a reporter from the San Francisco Bay Area television station KGO. The FBI used him to identify anti-war protesters. The reporter did a brief story about me. In December, 2007, the FBI arrested me for organizing protest events. I spent four days in jail. I did not get bail. My trial started in February, 2008. I was found guilty of “conspiracy to riot” and the “use of force,” which meant that I participated in an unlawful assembly. Stewart Rhodes had not revealed himself until after the FBI arrested me. He wanted to avoid being identified. But then, the FBI broke into my home in April, 2008, and confiscated my computers, my photo albums, and even some of my clothes. The FBI used the computers and other items to discredit me. Stewart Rhodes revealed himself to me at my home in July, 2008, when he told me that the FBI had given him my name, addresses, and phone numbers to identify me to reporters as a spy. He said he was given a list of anti-war activists by FBI officials. I was shocked. My family was very upset. I immediately set up a ac619d1d87

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